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SEBCON has arrangements with associates in different parts of the country, who have been involved in a number of projects along with other members of the core group. A brief outline of the curriculum vitae of the associate consultants working with SEBCON's core group is given below:

Syed Amanullah Husaini Jagirdar holds a Master's of Science in agriculture.  An agricultural economist and agronomist by profession, he is presently a Research Economist at the Applied Economics Research Center (AERC), University of Karachi.  His fields of specialization are project preparation and appraisal, agricultural sector studies, irrigation sector studies and farm management studies.  In recent years, he has served as a consultant for international organizations including the World Bank, Ford Foundation, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Asian Development Bank.  He also has extensive experience at the Ministry of Industries, Government of Pakistan where he carried out studies related to the development of agro-based industries.

Kaiser Bengali has worked as a research economist with the Applied Economic Research Center (AERC), University of Karachi and has specialized in the fields of industrial and urban economics. He has worked on "Municipal Financial Analysis of Secondary Cities of Sind", for the World Bank; "The Economy of Karachi, Structural Growth and Trends" and "Socio-economic Profile of Katchi Abadis in Karachi" for the Karachi Development Authority (KDA). He was also a member of SEBCON's team which was involved in the study entitled "Identification of Small-Scale Industries in Balochistan" for the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad. He was SEBCON's team leader for the study on Gadoon Amazai which analyzed the impact of incentives on the economy.

Dr. Karamat Ali holds a doctorate in rural sociology from U.S.A. His fields of specialization are rural sociology and development, macro economics and labor economics. He has been a consultant to various national and international agencies and has vast experience in conducting research, especially field work in different parts of Punjab. He is presently a professor of Economics at the Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan.  He has published a number of articles and books, important amongst which is his publication, "The Political Economy of Rural Development".

He has worked with SEBCON on a study entitled "Evaluation of the Completed Studies for the Planning Commission of Pakistan" and other projects.

Dr. Shahid Zia has served as an associate coordinator (FSR), research investigator, scientific officer and technical science officer, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) for a little over eight years. PARC provided him multi-disciplinary experience in conducting research studies independently and with multi-disciplinary teams. Examples of projects, he worked on include the following. He worked with J.A Whicks (Australia) to devise a methodology for conducting integrated farm management surveys. FAO project titled "Post-harvest Losses in Pakistan Agriculture." Monitoring the FSR Technologies in Farmers Fields Agricultural Terms of Trade: A policy Analysis Pesticide Marketing System in Pakistan. Assessing Farmers Credit Requirements. Risk Efficient Farm Plans for Resource Poor Farmers. Sustainable Farming Systems Research.

Dr. Maqsood Ahmad Chaudhry is an economist by profession with more than 23 years working experience of Asia, Middle East and East and West Africa in private as well as public sectors. He has been involved in conducting of agricultural economic research studies, project formulation, appraisal, training, resource use analysis for sustainability, cost-benefit analysis for profit maximization, price and development policy analysis, and preparation of technical/financial proposals for agricultural projects.

His experience is inclusive of 8 years service at P4/P5 level of FAO/UNDP for implementing of World Bank funded Projects. Enterprise constraint analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects, testing of research findings at farmer's fields, introduction of farming systems approach, policy analysis, resource analysis, training and studies of different cropping systems for profit maximization were the major responsibilities during his FAO service in Yemen Arab Republic and Zambia. Moreover, he also worked with World Bank, ICARDA, Asian Development Bank, USAID both in public and private sectors.  He has vast practical experience in resource inventory analysis, identification of costs and benefits of various interventions at the sub-project and project level for socio-economic analysis, conducting financial and economic analysis of projects including cost-benefit ratio and economic internal rate of return for projects prioritization for investment.

Muhammad Iqbal Akhtar Niazi is a Development Anthropologist, Resettlement Specialist, Community Development /Training Expert and Child Labour Specialist. As a Development Anthropologist, he has diverse experience in applied research, project planning and impact evaluation. He has been involved in studies like assessment and resolution of social conflict situation over land and forest rights in the Social Forestry Project area of NWFP. Moreover has worked in the Siran Forestry Project and ADB “Forestry Sector Project” in NWFP and Northern Areas. As a Child Labour Expert, he has worked on studies such as Child Labour in Leather Industry and Rapid Assessment of Child Labour in Pakistan. As a Resettlement Specialist, he has worked on projects such as Pakistan Road Sector Development Project, Punjab Water Sector Development Project and Country Resettlement Policy Project. Furthermore he has worked as Social Scientist on USAID-Kala Dhaka Area Development Project and  as Rural Development Specialist for USAID-Commenad Water Management Project; and  carried out numerous other  assignments as Rural Sociologist and RRA / PRA expert. Mr. Niazi has M.A. (Anthropology) from Ateneo de Manila University.

Dr. Arshad Waheed is a Sociologist and Expert on Community Development, Poverty, PRA & Gender. As a Consultant, he has studied for Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund mark/line items for community infra-structure and capacity building. As a Researcher, he has studied role of women in decision making about family size in villages around Islamabad. As a teacher, he has developed and taught courses on gender, reproductive health, health planning and improvement. He has worked as an Advisor to German Development Cooperation (GTZ) in health planning. He has worked various CBOs and NGOs in various capacities. Dr. Arshad is highly qualified in social policy, planning and participation in developing countries.

He has M.Sc., Social Policy, Planning and Participating in Developing Countries from London School of Economics UK and holds MBBS from Nishtar Medical College, Multan, (1985) and a certificate in Reproductive Health form Uppsala University, Sweden.

Chaudhary Laiq Ali is an associate consultant of SEBCON who is an expert on environmental issues, particularly environmental legislation and quality standards in Pakistan. He has served on the faculty for environment assessment and management workshop in Washington, D.C. and as a consultant, he has assisted in preparing the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) for EPA, Pakistan. He has prepared several papers including one for the World Bank on environmental institutions and existing legal regulatory framework in Pakistan, and another on the state of solid waste in Pakistan. In another study, he has looked into the legal aspects of environmental management in Pakistan. He has also coordinated solid waste management strategy for Faisalabad area and has carried out an EIA for several hydro-projects in NWFP. He has conducted an environmental audit of ultra-marine manufacturing factory of Reckitt and Colmanns in Karachi.

Chaudhary Laiq Ali has an B.Sc. (mechanical engineering) from the University of Peshawar and M.Sc. in the same field from University of Hawaii, USA.

Syed Mohammad Ali has diverse experience within the development sector. He has held management positions at Family Planning Association of Pakistan and the Women in Credit Information and Resource Centre. He was hired by SEBCON as a Regional Team Leader for an Opinion Formers Survey to ascertain the image of Britain and as the Joint Team Leader for a market survey concerning British Council services and products. He has been a researcher for the Punjab Middle Schooling Project a well as for a survey of political parties in Pakistan under auspices of the National Democratic Institute – Washington. Besides freelancing for leading newspapers, Mohammad Ali ahs had communications and publication experience with LEAD – Pakistan and the Human Development Centre. He also documents seminars for the Islamabad based Society or Citizen’s Rights.

Mohammad Ali was a freelance editor for Oxford University Press and has written articles for magazines like Natura and Green Times International. He was consulting editor for an Islamabad based NGOs’s (SACHET) first annual report. He is currently the editor of quarterly newsletter, Credit News and working on a book entitled” Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan”

Dr. Narmeen Altaf is a Community Health Specialist. She is a physician by training and has experience in public and community health, urban environment, social sector development and toxics in work places. Her experience in public and community health by virtue of her job as a Researcher/Medical Officer of social and preventive pediatrics makes her an experienced development professional in the social sector. She has been exposed to community and health issues as a House Surgeon with Lady Wellington and Mayo hospitals at Lahore. Currently, she is SEBCON's consultant on a study entitled "Practices, Nutritional and Health Status of Rural Families in NWFP", a project of SRSC (Sarhad Rural Support Corporation).

Dr. Narmeen Altaf has done her M.B.B.S. from King Edward Medical College, Lahore and received M.Sc. in Community Health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines.

Ms. Shazia Zuberi holds a degree in economics from Allegheny College, USA. She has worked in the fields of environment, income generation, women and development, water and sanitation, monitoring and evaluating NGOs, etc. She has assisted Sungi Development Foundation as WID-Coordinator in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community-based development projects. Her consulting and research experience covers sectors under women and development. Recently she completed a study titled "Employment Opportunities for Women in the Oil and Gas Sector" for CIDA. This study focused on stating the role of women in the oil and gas sector and also made recommendations of how to increase women's participation in this sector.

Muhammad Ayaz Khan is a senior civil engineer. He has surveyed, designed and constructed more than 50 irrigation channels in the mountainous and rugged project area of Mansehra, Haripur, Abbottabad, Batagram under the provision of productive village infrastructures programme of Hazara Community Support Programme (HCSP) a project of Sungi Development Foundation, Islamabad. He is currently engaged by the Siran Forestry Project in carrying out mapping and surveys.

Rafiq Ahmed is an agro-forester who specializes in planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating forestry projects. As Deputy Inspector General of Forests he has helped in the formulation of the national forest policy.

Dr. Inam Kazmi is a specialist in health planning, health systems research, development of primary healthcare (community health related projects) Project formulation and appraisal and health management information system. As a consultant, he has worked on the development of an implementation concept for health sector NGO umbrella project for Kreditanstalt for Wiederaufbau (KfW) in 1997. As a Chief, Planning Division of the Pakistan Government and Director, Pakistan Medical Research Council.

Muhammad Shafi Gul is a statistician with expertise in data analysis and data processing. He has carried out data processing and analysis for many base line marketing and feasibility surveys. He has also designed profiles of the donor's directory. He has led and worked on many field surveys. He is experienced in designing of questionnaires and field surveys.

Mr. Gul has an M.Sc. in statistics from Peshawar University and has certificates in COBOL language and also in Basic language, Data base, Lotus & System Analysis and Design.


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