Areas of SEBCON Expertise

SEBCON has successfully completed over 269 projects to date covering all major areas of socio-economic development. With the extensive project experience of our consultants we offer services in the following areas of concern:

Socio-Economic Development & Research
    Child / Bonded Labor
    Community Development & Participation
    Education & Literacy
    Health & Nutrition
    Poverty Assessment & Alleviation
    Women & Development / Gender
    Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
    Water & Sanitation
    Disaster Management
    Development of Credit Policy
    Micro-Credit & Income Generation
    Micro-Enterprise Development
    Small & Medium Enterprise Development
    Development & Participation of Public & Private Sectors
    Economic Policy Formulation
    Industrial Development (On a sectoral basis, e.g. Marble Sector)
    Infrastructure Development (Roads, Communication, etc.)
    Strategic Planning & Policy Formulation
Regional / Rural Development:
    Infrastructure Development (Roads & Tunnels)
    On-Farm Water Management
    Rural Enterprise
Human Resource Development:
    Manpower Planning & Development
    Workshops & Trainings
Institutional Development:
    Establishment of New (International & Local) NGOs / Agencies
- Identification of Programme & Geographical Areas
- Partnerships with local NGOs/agencies
- Registration and Negotiations with GoP
- Assistance in Staff Recruitment & Logistical Arrangements
    Institutional Strengthening of Existing Programmes/NGOs/Ministries
    Strategic Planning & Policy Formulation
    Sustainable Intervention
Monitoring, Evaluations & Feasibilities:
    Impact Assessments & Evaluations (Social, Environmental, Programme)
    Institutional Programme & Project Monitoring
    M & E
    Project Feasibilities (Industrial, Private, Public Sector, etc.)
    Project Designing, Planning & Implementation
Data Management:
    Management & Information Systems
    Computer Programming
    Data Analysis & Statistical Tests
    Financial Management
    Database Design & Implementation
Surveys & Research Studies:
    Baseline Surveys
    Desk / Secondary Data Research & Analyses
    Market Surveys
    Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) & RRA
    Socio-Economic Surveys
    Traverse Mapping

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